"reach into myself"

The idea to make this unique 3D NFT originated with the meaning locked in the mind of a Musician, bringing to life what the song represents. This NFT contains exclusive audio incorporated with magically transformative images to engage your senses. The NFT conveys something we can all relate to - coming out of a dark place and into the light, seeing everything around us bloom during the process. 

"I wanted there to be no face or features, just the light that represents beauty within a person, the magic of their soul. Most of us only fall for what we see at first sight. It takes a deeper look and reaching into yourself to really see the beauty within a person for who they truly are.

I’ve realized one's true beauty and energy lies within and sometimes we need to ‘reach into ourselves’ to find that.”


10% of the final NFT sale price will be donated to the charitable organization "1% For The Planet".

Owners of the 1 of 1 'Reach Into Myself' NFT would be airdropped an exclusive token from the next NFT issue.

Owner will be given exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes
making of the artwork and be provided early notice of the upcoming series of NFT Collectables that Jvanz
will be releasing. 

Designed by Leonardo Silva

ABOUT the artist

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Leonardo Silva is a well-known 3D & NFT Artist who goes by the name @ItWasLeo. He has sold multiple NFT pieces independently and has made of $500,000 in Sales on his art to date and has had mass success in the secondary re-sell market. 

His most recent piece "INTERNAL AURA" sold for $14,000.

His Collection "Way out of the Matrix" sold 69 pieces and totalled $243,000 in sales! 

You can see his Art and Success here: https://makersplace.com/itwasonlyleo/

ABOUT jvanz

Jvanz is an independant Singer-Songwriter from Canada and after years of developing his sound and writing skill he released a stream of well-received singles and ended 2020 on a high note releasing his EP “Lane Change” which got official support from Apple Music, Spotify and currently has over 1.5 Million streams on Spotify alone. Even during a world pandemic, he continued to perform at NXNE, a virtual Fundraiser Youtube concert and a sold-out drive-in event in Niagara Falls.

This is by no means Jvanz’s first step towards major Success. As an artist he has proved himself time and time again, racking up millions of streams on Spotify, amassing over 100,000 Followers on TikTok in just a few months and being featured on notable publications such as Rolling Stone, Lyrical Lemonade, EarMilk and many more. 

This is Jvanz and Icon Island Inc. first step towards Success in the NFT Space and they will be releasing a Collectable series in the next few months. 


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